CNC Router Plans Update

For many years, we’ve been selling printed CNC router plans. And over those years, we’ve sold hundreds of copies allowing our customers to cut all kinds of things like model airplane parts, kids toys, and even rapid prototyping PCBs.

In order to focus on our kits, we’ve decided to stop selling printed versions of the plans at HobbyCNC. We’ve licensed out the plans to to sell an optimized digital download version. Please note that this site is not owned or operated by HobbyCNC and we do not offer support for the downloaded plans.

Already made a router from the plans? We’d love to see them! Upload pictures of your completed router to a Flickr group at

Don’t worry, HobbyCNC isn’t going away. You can continue to buy kits, steppers, and components at

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2 Responses to CNC Router Plans Update

  1. Eobin Alex George says:

    I want to know what all you sell and if it all there is an all inclusive driver+motor kit with the apt software.

    Eobin Alex George

  2. admin says:

    Eobin – yes, please see our packages section. We also provide links to software here:

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