New HobbyCNC Website

Welcome to the realigned website. In addition to some design changes, here’s what we’ve improved (or added) with the realigned website:

  • Blog – our blog will focus on HobbyCNC changes, updates, specials, etc. You can subscribe to the RSS feed or receive email updates.
  • Improved shopping cart – we’ve integrated an improved shopping cart to make ordering even easier.
  • Search – can’t find what you’re looking for? Just use the search located in the upper right of every page.
  • Bookmarking on StumbleUpon and – we’ve made it easier for you to save HobbyCNC in your favorites!

We’ve also got some cool stuff going on with social networks and sharing sites like Youtube and Flickr. We’ll officially be launching that soon.
We hope you like it.

We’re still working out some minor bugs. If you have any questions related to your order, please email Feedback, including reporting bugs, on the new website is much appreciated and can be sent to

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4 Responses to New HobbyCNC Website

  1. Luke Thomas says:

    I like the look, but something that would be nice, is the forum on this site. I bought a kit a few months back. I am now starting to construct and cannot find any good forums for the assembly.

  2. Jack says:

    Sign up for the hobbycnc group on Yahoo!
    Lots of support from other builders and Dave happens there!

  3. Knutur Knutsson says:

    Hi I purchase from you HobbyCNC PRO 4 axis kit last year and this year I purchase 4 steppermotor 305OZ. Everything is running fine but slow and it’s probable to do with settings in Turbo cnc. I relly want to join the group on Yahoo.

    Thanks for great product.
    Knutur K Knutsson

  4. Thanx for this site!

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