Stepper Motors

Aluminum Shaft Couplers 5/8″ Diameter x 1 1/4″ Long x 1/4″ Inner Diameter. 2 #8-32 Set Screws.
$22 for 3, $28 for 4

New From Factory Sealed Cartons! HobbyCNC Brand Stepper Motors All Torque Ratings are Approximate

#23-305-DS8A 425oz-in bipolar rating, 305oz-unipolar rating, 4.2v, 3A, 200 S/R, 3.2mH, Size #23, Dual Shaft, 8 wire MOST power consumed, best with idle current reduction. NEW LOWER PRICE!

$49 each

#23-205-DS8 285oz-in bipolar rating, 205oz-in unipolar rating. 3v, 3A, 200 S/R, 2.2mH, Size #23, Dual Shaft, 8 wire faster than the 305’s. Good all around choice. NEW LOWER PRICE!
$39 each

#23-130-DS8 185oz-in bipolar rating, 130oz-in unipolar rating. 2.6v, 2.1A, 200 S/R, 2.1mH, Size #23, Dual Shaft, 8 wire Fastest RPM, moderate power. Good for lighter duty applications. NEW LOWER PRICE!
$34 each